Thursday, January 22, 2009

woolly bully

Meanwhile, right after I posted my top honors for weird plants and animals to appear at a UN press conference, I get handed this unbelievable press release from the Food and Agricultre Organization (FAO) celebrating... wait for it... The Internatioanl Year of Natural Fibres! It reads (and I kid you not):

International Year of Natural Fibres begins
The UN Organization today officially launched International Year of Natural Fibres (IYNF) 2009 to celebrate the virtues of cotton, flax, sisal and hemp, but also of wool, alpaca, camel hair and angora. And, why not, cashmere too.

At this moment, I'm wearing cotton pants and a cotton shirt, and my sweater is made of Mongolian yak hair. (Seriously. That stuff is warm.) But my socks are synthetic, I think, so the FAO couldn't give a crap about them. Maybe next year will be International Year Of Polyester.

Meanwhile... a wild and woolly 2009?

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