Thursday, January 8, 2009

the fireworks will begin at 5 p.m.

It was just announced the Security Council will have a meeting on the Middle East at 5pm, presumably to take action on the situation in Gaza. No way have they come to an agreed text by now, so this meeting can only have one purpose: the Arab League intends to present a draft resolution and force the US to veto it.

Fight fight fight!

Update! Quoth the Foreign Minister of Qatar:

We had a meeting, just meeting with the troika of the Security Council [US, UK, and France]. We had a discussion about our proposal which is in the Security Council, and there is another proposal [by the UK]. We tried to reach a conclusion. Our position as an Arab voice is very clear, that the immediate ceasefire with the immediate withdrawal of the Israeli forces, and the lifting of the embargo, opening of the crossings. These are imporant elements for any fair resolution. I mentioned that the time is so important. People are suffering there. It's important for the decision to be taken today. Our decision is we are going to the Security Council today, either to reach a conclusion of the resolution or will vote on the Arab resolution which Libya presented.

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