Monday, January 5, 2009

NFL picks conclude... another successful year

I went 12-4 in Week 17, giving me a 65.625% success rate for my predictions this season. I went 168-88 overall. Every year I've tried this, I've finished ahead of most of the ESPN experts, and at or above 60%.

So next year, I'll be taking on the additional challenge of picking against the spread.

I don't pick the playoffs, since I'm too emotionally invested. Or, at least, I was, until the Colts lost yet another heartbreaker on Saturday. What is it with this team? They've lost close but winnable playoff games they arguably should have won to San Diego two years running, Pittsburgh four years ago, Pittsburgh in '95, and don't get me started about the two New England games. This one is tough to take, since all Indy had to do was complete a 3rd and 2 and they'd be headed to the second round. I haven't slept well since that game. I'm serious.

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