Monday, January 19, 2009

India to David Miliband: how dare you be realistic!

David Miliband points out that solving the sovereignty dispute over Kashmir would go a long way towards settling the tensions between India and Pakistan and the terrorism that comes with it. India's press rips him for it.

India's press seems to be in about the same place the American media was in 2002, when any attempt to explain the motivations of al Qaeda was deplored as "appeasement" and "justification." Because heaven forbid we understand the enemy's logic, goals, and intentions. That might help us defeat the enemy, and we wouldn't want that, now would we.

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Subhash said...

The Indian press reflects the view of common Indians and most Indians think that Mr. Miliband was out of line. He can mind his own business. Kashmir was not a problem until 1989...why did it become a problem after that? Coincidentally, that is when the Afghanistan conflict ended. The average Indian is quite sure about one thing, we will talk to Pakistan for as long as posisble but no negotiation on changing borders, pakistan knows that and hence sends unemployed thugs across the border. It is time clowns like Miliband and co also understand that,,