Friday, January 30, 2009

"the pope will fix all this"

The following document (front and back side are both presented here) was snagged by Ambassador At Large as he trolled through the UN conference rooms this afternoon. The document is a background paper on a lecture given about the Sephardic Jews in Greece, 94% of whom were killed during the Holocaust. The delegate listening to this speech had a few comments that he wrote in the margins. They appear to have two distinct handwritings, so I assume it was a note-passing conversation. In case you can't read them, this is what the notes say:

First delegate: "How come no one ask Kim Il Jong why he is starving his own population? Is not that a Holocost?" (sic)
First delegate: "Is not what is happening in Palestine not a Holocost?" (sic)
Second delegate: "My concern is not the loss of Holocaust memories but of the non-literate societies: Biafra, Cambodia, Rwanda, Congo ---"
First delegate: "The pope will fix all this."

Perhaps you wonder which delegation's desk this priceless document was found on? It was Saudi Arabia's.

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