Friday, July 17, 2009

white American ethnonationalism, meet Rachel Maddow

Maddow gets into a huge spat with Pat Buchanan.

Just to clarify from my previous post on this topic, I in no way support Buchanan's views at all, and I agree with Maddow entirely here... except that there's an element of human nature that will always bring out the Buchanans of the world, and his sentiments, however blinkered and bigoted, will not go away. America is a multiethnic nation. We handle it way better than most multiethnic nations (Iraq, anyone?) but we still vote disproportionately on racial lines. Racial minorities in this country tend to go overwhelmingly Democratic (with blacks, upwards of 90%). The white vote hasn't tended to do this — except in the South — because it's been such an overwhelming majority until recent years that it hasn't felt the need to. But as America becomes more diverse, don't be surprised if white Americans start voting more decisively in blocs too.

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