Thursday, July 9, 2009

tap water safer than bottled water

A bad day for bottled water, a good day for the planet.

- GAO reports that tap water may be safer than bottled water, removing one of the remaining justifications for bottled water

- A small Australian town's residents became the first to vote to ban bottled water in their town. The final tally was 354-2, and one of the two was a representative of the bottled water industry.

Another good step for Australia, which not only spends US$390 million a year on bottled water but, if it drinks the same brands we do, has to have that water imported over vast distances. The negative effects of bottled water -- energy usage, plastic waste -- are well-documented, but it's doubly galling to have to pay for something that used to be free, back when most stores and parks had, you know, drinking fountains. Hopefully more people will do as Bundanoon has done.

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