Thursday, July 9, 2009

ICP: No Turkish move on Uighurs

Inner City Press has the latest:

Inner City Press asked the charge d'affaires of the Turkish Mission to the United Nations Fazli Corman about the quote and if Turkey had in fact made any moves to that effect. "We didn't make any moves on that," Ambassador Corman said. "That reports were not actually based on the realities."

Inner City Press asked if Prime Minister Erdogan had been misquoted. Yes, Ambassador Corman indicted. [sic]

Interestingly, both AFP and Reuters carried the original story, claiming that Erdogan said his comment at a meeting of Gulf states. But if the Turks are now denying he said it, he a) didn't say those precise words or b) got a very quick phone call afterwards from Hu Jintao.

Either way, any Security Council discussion of Xinjiang now seems much less likely.

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