Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Canada decides it's too popular...

... and threatens to complain to the World Trade Organization over the EU's new ban on products made from clubbed baby seals.

Henry Farrell explains why the real victim here, if Canada wins, is the WTO:

Screw the turtles – when anti-WTO protest groups are able to run full page newspaper ads with adorable baby seal cubs, they’re going to be in a truly excellent position to wage public relations war. All the more so when the Canadian counterposition (that the seals are killed humanely) turns on the legal requirement that the baby seals should have stopped blinking before the hunters start skinning them. Perhaps Stephen Harper should have applied similar attention to the current state of the Doha round – I don’t see it moving around very much at the moment, but it does still blink occasionally.

Via Matthew Yglesias.

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