Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Turkey wants Uighur issue at Security Council

Hoo boy. In a shocking development, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan announced today at a Gulf Cooperation Council meeting that he wants the issue of violence in Xinjiang discussed at the Security Council.

The Turks, currently non-permanent members of the Council, are usually reticent of bringing issues of internal ethnic unrest within states to the Council because of their domestic issues with the Kurds. But apparently Islamic solidarity won out for Erdogan.

One cannot help but feel that Turkey's previous secular administrations would never have done this. One cannot also help but feel that the Chinese are going to be seriously ticked off by Turkey's move.

(UPDATE: I initially said the Turks were Council President for the month of July, but actually they presided in June. It's Uganda this month. Corrected.)

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Jabarkas Crag-Hacker said...

Well, but couldn't it also be because Uighur's are ethnically Turkish?