Thursday, July 9, 2009

SHOCK! China opposed to raising of Xinjiang in the Security Council

Surprise, surprise, the Chinese reacted swiftly from Beijing to Turkey's call to raise the ongoing Urumqi violence in Xinjiang at the UN Security Council. From Xinhua:

"The Chinese government has taken decisive measures according to the law. This is purely China's internal affair and doesn't demand a UN Security Council discussion," Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told the regular briefing.

Now, no one can stop the Turks from simply raising the issue in Security Council consultations, but in order to get it on the Security Council's agenda, as Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan called for, one would need 9 of the 15 Security Council members to vote for it.

As of this morning, Ambassador At Large has heard no word from the Turkish delegation over whether they will actually attempt this, but if they did, AAL would love to know which nine countries would dare to risk publicly crossing China on its own internal affairs.

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