Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zimbabwe and the Death of Responsibility To Protect (update 4)

The New York Times today calls for Western countries to not recognize Mugabe's government, which I'm amazed any of them still do at this point, and for targeted sanctions against individuals. My immediate reaction is to wonder when and how often targeted sanctions have accomplished anything, but hey, they're an American paper, they have to call for us to do something.

The ANC in South Africa, however, feels otherwise. While it took Mugabe to task today, it also took the West to task for interfering. Mbeki's non-response to this crisis is rather disgraceful, but on the whole I think the ANC has the right balance here. I can't imagine an outsider-implemented change of government in Mugabe. In my view, the UK in particular forfeited that right during its colonial years. Change in Zimbabwe must come from within, and with the help of African neighbors. Not that Western countries can't lend our support, but if the past few years have taught us anything, it's that democracy can only become a lasting institution when it is homegrown.

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Simon Mace said...

As a young reporter, you should never at things at face value.
Although Mugabe without a doubt is megalomaniac tyrant dictator, that every one loves to hate, there are ten times worse murderous dictators that we currently prop up and fund to the tune of billions.

Meles of Ethiopia is one of them. As he is doing our dirty proxy war in Somalia, he has the pass, allowed to

Steal the election in 2005 and murder 200 people that protested.

Killed many thousands of his people, in the guise of counterinsurgency that was said to be worse that Darfur.

Armed him to the teeth by breaking US and UN sanctions and funded his armament purchase from North Korea.

Still aiding him in breaking international rule of law on the border with Eritrea

Amnesty and Human rights watch documented atrocities that include murder, rape, torture including slitting of throats that makes him ten times worse that Mugabe.


And finally, despite being given more than $2 billion/year, 12 million of his people are starving while he argues the numbers with international aid agencies.


but, you will not hear all of this in the media, as he is our SOB, news gets buried, diplomatic cover is given at the AU and UN. It just amazes me the hypocrisy of it all.