Friday, June 20, 2008

the Balkan beat goes on

So, remember when Serbia didn't want Kosovo to secede, so it talked about how secession would never be accepted, and how Serbia was sovereign and it would protect its territorial integrity? Right?

Well, now Kosovo is its own country (or so says about a fifth of the world's countries), but its northern ethnic Serb region is restless and wants to break away. And how does Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu feel about this brazen secession bid?

Sejdiu: "Secession is not a topic for us. It will never be an acceptable topic for us. Kosovo, as I said earlier, is for all its citizens. It's a multiethnic society and of course it is a society which has its territorial integrity protected, and the state of Kosovo is also a sui generis case in all its entirety."

Bit of a role reversal, no?

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