Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eritrea vs. The World

The Security Council is currently discussing Eritrea's recent aggression against Djibouti. This means that Eritrea has now had military confrontations with ALL of its neighbors in its 15 years of independence. And I mean all of them. A war with Ethiopia. A proxy war against Ethiopia in Somalia. A border confrontation with Sudan. And now a border confrontation with Djibouti. I think they even had some hostilities with Yemen, across the Red Sea.

And now they've successfully ejected the UN peacekeeping force on their Ethiopian border, which will likely start another war with Ethiopia, and this time, thanks to American military backing, the Ethiopians will very likely win big.

I'm just grateful I don't live in the Horn right now.

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Simon Mace said...

Read comment no.2

Clearly it is being setup.


and when Djibouti was screaming blue murder on the invasion, this was reported in AFP

“A military source said French forces based in Djibouti had carried out a reconnaissance on Thursday at the government’s request but had not been able to confirm an incursion.”

http://www.thetimes.co.za/News/Article.a spx?id=753588