Monday, June 16, 2008

Daisy Days Redux

So the creator of the Lyndon Johnson "daisy ad" died today. This makes me think: in the 2004 election, Republicans broke out the "wolves ad" that attacked Democrats for being weak on national security. But Democrats haven't really taken this fight behind the woodshed in the post-9/11 era in the same way up to now, in part because I think they're historically not fully comfortable with making foreign policy an issue to their advantage, but in part because they believed that they shouldn't out of common decency. But given how Bush's doctrine has been so ineffective in terms of all its stated goals -- curbing extremism, promoting democracy, preventing nuclear proliferation -- maybe Democrats should start making the case that Republicans are dangerous on security. Perhaps a new "daisy ad" is called for. You know, something like this... except with a narrator who sounds authoritative, rather than one who's complaining.

And if you haven't seen the ad, it's worth watching.

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