Friday, June 6, 2008

Myanmar and the debilitating but as yet non-fatal blow to Responsibility To Protect (update 20, or thereabouts)

UN humanitarian coordinator John Holmes spoke to the media again today about the food crisis, Myanmar, and Zimbabwe. According to Holmes, the UN and related agencies have now reached 1.3 million of the estimated 2.4 million people in need in Myanmar. Most of the rest have been reached by NGOs, private citizens, or the government. Visas are being approved relatively smoothly for the UN and related agencies, though NGOs are having a bit tougher a time. Over 135 flights have gone into Yangon airport. "Very few" people haven't received some sort of aid, though not enough as of yet. The important thing now, Holmes said, is to keep the supply lines open, because both short-term aid and long-term reconstruction assistance will be needed for months to come.

Now, I know an appalling death toll has come about as a result of delayed action and government intransigence/incompetence, but all things considered... aren't we glad we didn't invade?

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