Tuesday, June 10, 2008

who cares about Darfur?

The World Food Programme reports today that it's having to scale down its helicopter aid in Darfur.

As I've mentioned earlier, it's clear that the international community has no confidence that Unamid can bring peace to Darfur, given that no one is willing to give the mission the helicopters it needs to succeed. But this is even worse, this is humanitarian helicopters in question here, and it's not even a question of getting someone to lend one, only to give money to WFP so it can run a chopper that it's already got. WFP has been putting out increasingly desperate press releases and taking the collection cap on a global tour for months now, so it's not as if this surprised anybody. I don't get righteous often on this page, but this is, frankly, shameful. WFP needs $20 million by June 15. On the grand scale of money -- even aid money -- this is peanuts. Get it together, donor states. You can't stop the Darfurian ethnic chaos, but you can feed a lot of hungry people.

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