Thursday, June 26, 2008


Euro 2008's second semi-final, between Spain and Russia, took place this afternoon. The entire UN, as far as I can tell, has shut down. Dozens gathered in the delegates lounge to watch the game, and under the televisions on the first floor. Most of the reporters took a break in the afternoon to catch the end, including the Japanese press even though it's the European soccer championship.

And let me say, European soccer fans put American sports fans to shame. They care SO MUCH MORE than we do. After an American basketball team wins the Finals, the fans set a few cars on fire, but it's pretty subdued. In Europe? Wow. The whole country parties after a quarterfinal win. Amazing.

Meanwhile, the Security Council, for some reason, "postponed" its afternoon meeting, which was going to coincide with today's Spain-Russia game, until tomorrow morning. Russia is a permanent member on the Council. Coincidence?

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