Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a softening of relations between Iran and the Zionist regime?

From a statement by the Permanent Mission of Iran to the United Nations:

"While a whole population in the Gaza Strip is being slowly eliminated by the Israeli regime and while the international community is in shock and anguish over the horrendous Israeli war crimes against the innocent Palestinian people in the Gaza strip, the US tries to divert the attentions in one way or the other."

And later:

... "If there is one thing that the people in the Persian Gulf region are concerned about that is the interference of the United States in the region and its tired divisive policies and practices that is futilely aimed at creating divisions in order to pursue its own narrow political aims and to serve the interests of the Israeli regime."

Notice anything about these two paragraphs? Anything?

They both refer to "the Israeli regime" ... not "the Zionist regime," as is Iran's normal preference. In fact, this is the first time that the word "Israel" or "Israeli" has shown up in any Iranian statement that I can recall.

Okay, okay, I'm a nerd, but on a day when the Security Council passed its first resolution on Middle East peace in five years, this has to mean something!

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