Saturday, December 27, 2008

in other breaking news, Israel and Palestine are still at war

After today's heavy air raids on the Gaza Strip, the most severe since 1967, reaction is — surprise surprise — divided. Syria and its ilk called Israel's act "barbaric." Iran said it was "unforgiveable." (So we'll be at war forever, then?) The US, predictably, blamed Hamas, as did most European capitals albeit in a more circumspect manner.

The real problem here is not the action the Israelis are taking, but rather that there's a war on. When sovereignty is in dispute, as it is in Israel/Palestine, different ethnonationalistic groups will fight. One cannot blame the Israelis for winning that fight. If one wants to blame the Israelis, blame their refusal to deal with Hamas. But if one is to do that, one must equally blame Hamas for refusing to accept a two-state solution, insisting instead on a one state solution that will never happen, ever. Thus, the latest "pause" in the conflict ends, and the rockets sound again. This is inevitable. It is entirely predictable. It will not accomplish anything but strengthening the hardliners. But it's unavoidable.

As for the Annapolis peace process, which the Security Council just blessed in its first Israel/Palestine-related statement in 5 year... um... hahaha... uh... what peace process was that again?

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