Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well, it was a rather crazy Week 2 in the NFL. And with one game to be played, I'm sitting at a so-so 8-6, with one game to be played. (The Texans-Ravens game was postponed because of Hurricane Ike.) Quick thoughts:

- Cleveland has now gone 7 quarters without a touchdown. Derek Anderson generally looked good out there, too, against the Steelers, but even with those dreadful wind gusts, 6 points won't get it done.
- I am never picking the Patriots to lose in the regular season again. I picked 'em 15 out of 16 regular season games last year (picked 'em to lose at Indy, and they darn near did, too) and I knew — KNEW — that they'd beat the Jets, but let myself be talked out of it. In Belichick I trust, henceforth.
- The Chargers' 2008 campaign must be hexed. I picked 'em in Weeks 1 and 2 and what happens? Freak TD on the last play of the game from Jake Delhomme in the Carolina game... and then, the Denver game. What can be said? It was a fumble for goodness sake? Anyway, even though I lost the pick, I'm not too fussed because as an Indy fan I sure don't mind seeing San Diego sitting at 0-2.
- Seattle blowing an early 14-3 cushion against a J.T. O'Sullivan-led 49ers team is rather shocking, as is the fact that their top six — SIX — wideouts are now injured. I've got serious questions of whether I can pick them to beat St. Louis next week. Arizona — destined to finish 7-9, which you can understand if you look at how brutal their late-season schedule is — suddenly looks like they can become the first sub-.500 team to make the playoffs in NFL history.
- New England just won probably the second or third hardest game on its schedule and really controlled the Jets in New York (actually, New Jersey, if you want to get technical). Favre threw a costly pick, no surprise. I've got to revise upwards. Patriots could easily win 12 or 13.

I'll be more spot on next week, I promise. Gotta get this thing back to the 60% range, where it's been the last 3 years.

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