Monday, September 8, 2008

my NFL picks

Ambassador At Large will be picking every NFL game this year. Unfortunately, I forgot to put my picks for this week on the blog, and put them instead on my college-only blog. You'll be wanting to watch this page 'cos I've netted upwards of 60% right in 2 of the last 3 years (no spread, though).

I'm not going to bother to posts my picks for this week now, too late for that. But I went 8-6 so far (two more games tonight). It would have been 9-5 if not for that ridiculous touchdown pass by Jake Delhomme on the last play of the Panthers-Chargers game.

Tonight's picks (home team in caps):
Vikings over PACKERS, because with all due respect to Aaron Rodgers, I never pick first-time starters at quarterback to win. Which is one reason I'm only 8-6 this week, because otherwise I would never have picked Cincinnati or Detroit to be able to win on the road. Bleah.
Plus, if Green Bay loses, then the media can go into a frenzy of blaming the Packers for dumping Brett Favre, who won on Sunday. You can hear them salivating over at ESPN Headquarters.

Broncos over RAIDERS: Because as long as Mike Shanahan is the coach in Denver, I will never, ever pick the Raiders to beat the Broncos. The man is 20-6 against them in his career. Talk about revenge.

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