Monday, September 22, 2008

impressions from the General Assembly, Day 0

So the GA open debate doesn't really start 'til tomorrow, but today is an all-day High Level Meeting on Africa. Lots of Presidents are here. Early returns:

- First Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sighting! After the rally against him transpired across the street in Dag Hammarksjold Square (Sarah Palin did not attend: she was disinvited because organizers didn't want to "politicize" it), the Iranian President nonetheless braved the "Ahmadinejad Is a Terrorist" signs on 47th Street and blocked off reporters and diplomats trying to reenter the UN for a solid 20 minutes while his motorcade screamed up First Avenue. He then entered the High Level Meeting on Africa and gave a long, rambling speech that went three times over the time limit.

- Ougadougou reference! One of the Ambassadors references the Ougadougou Conference of whatever year in regards to African Development. Ougadougou, as I have previously mentioned on this blog, is the most awesomely-named capital in the world. Props to Burkina Faso.

More elements as they develop.

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