Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Myanmar and the death of Responsibility to Protect (update 10)

Well, a little bit of good news from John Holmes, the humanitarian chief at the UN. In his brief to the press today, he said that at this time there is "no evidence" of a second cyclone (as I linked to earlier from a USA Today report, among other reports). There will instead by "heavy rain" forecast for the next few days. In the Irrawaddy, this qualifies as good news.

Meanwhile, the official death toll has risen to 38,491 confirmed dead, and 27,838 missing. Independent observers are still saying more than a hundred thousand have been killed, and that number will surely rise as international aid continues to not enter the country. Anywhere from 1.6-2.5 million people are affected.

Another debunking: so far, the UN and various national aid donors have found "no evidence" to substantiate any widespread stealing of food, as was reported earlier.

On the downside, the regime now appears to be stopping all international aid workers already in the country at roadblocks and not letting them into needy areas. Those who continue to provide aid have to do so clandestinely.

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