Tuesday, May 13, 2008

brace yourselves for more Spurs-Pistons, Part 2

So, last night's Celtics-Cavs game -- taken in by the Ambassador At Large at Nice Guy Eddie's in SoHo following a scintillating 68-65 victory by his squad in the recreational urban basketball league, to which AAL contributed a sweet 18-foot contested bank shot in limited minutes off the bench -- proved what AAL long suspected: the Celtics are not championship material. 0-5 on the road in the playoffs against two teams with a combined regalar season record of .500? Not a chance. They're a hastily assembled team of 3 stars and some helpful role players. They don't have a go-to guy. Paul Pierce is probably playing hurt. They may survive Cleveland -- although I wouldn't guarantee that by any stretch at this point -- but they probably don't have the goods to outlast Detroit. They've got Kidd-era New Jersey written all over them: good enough to be in the mix, not good enough to win.

Which means that my extremely boring ratings-crashing pre-playoff pick -- Spurs-Pistons in the Finals -- is still looking very likely. Believe me, I don't WANT this to happen. Which is precisely why it will.

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