Thursday, May 29, 2008

Doug Collins to the Bulls

ESPN reports that Doug Collins will return to coach the Bulls.

Ambassador At Large can predict the future...
2008: with Beasley as the scoring threat they needed, Bulls jump back into the thick of the playoffs by winning 45-50 games. Ousted in the second round by Detroit.
2009: Trendy preseason pick to win the east underachieves, gets fourth again, struggles to eliminate a pesky Atlanta team, and gets bounced in the second round again, probably by Detroit.
2010: Tired of Collins's harping, team plunges to 8th seed, bounced in 5 in round 1, quite possibly by Detroit. Collins is fired/leaves and returns as an analyst, which is good because he's a great analyst.
2011: Team hires Mike D'Antoni, who should be just about finished failing to revive the Knicks by this time. Switching from slow pace to 7 second or less, team immediately doubles its ppg, wins 55 games and becomes a championship contender

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