Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goldtsone report is out

And it's pretty damning to both sides, but particularly the Israelis, who are accused of using disproportionate force towards civilians, employing collective punishment, targeting civilian installations for no military reason whatsoever, and committing "war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity." Read all 575 pages of it here.

Or you can go here and get the summary.

Or read the New York Times story here.

All I can say is, Richard Goldstone is a very well-respected South African judge, noted for his work in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. And he's also Jewish. So it's going to be very hard for the Israelis to accuse him of bias against them... probably one reason why he was selected for the job. The odds of the Security Council actually referring either side to the Hague, as is recommended in the report if neither side cooperates with investigations in the next six months, is approximately nil, but the truth is worth something, I suppose.

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