Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Webb throws China under the bus on Burma

US Senator Jim Webb, after meeting with the Burmese junta this week and securing the release of American John Yettaw, blamed China for not stepping up to solve Burma's problems. Quoth Webb:

When I returned to Bangkok from Myanmar I raised my view at that time, with respect to the issues in Myanmar, that the Chinese government should step forward and show leadership in assisting in solving that situation, and they have not done that yet.

Webb is one of the smarter voices on Myanmar, pointing out that strong sanctions on the regime have driven it into China's camp, where it will now likely stay indefinitely. Since the Chinese don't give a crap about human rights, democracy, or anything apart from access to natural resources, this seriously undermines the possibility of political reform in Burma. As it stands, China today (along with, to a lesser extent ASEAN and India) is the only country to have serious influence over the country. I'm not holding my breath for them to pressure to regime to be less evil.

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