Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Save Darfur heckles vacationing president

... with ads telling him to do more on Darfur.

Newsflash, activists. The Darfur genocide is OVER. It ended in 2004. The UN and other interested parties, including the US through its special envoy, are working as hard as they can to get a political settlement that can finally put an end to what the UN itself now describes as a "low-intensity" conflict. If the Enough Campaign had switched over to Sri Lanka 6 months ago, it might have made a difference. There's 20,000 troops on the ground in Darfur, with full deployment likely by the end of the year, and the UN's managed to fill most of the humanitarian gap from President Bashir's decision to evict the NGOs. And now the President is taking a few days off in Martha's Vineyard. What's the problem?

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