Friday, June 26, 2009

methinks Iran doth protest too much

Lesse, a quick rundown of some of the accusations Iran has thrown around as a result of the mass protests is in order. All of the following have, in the past two weeks, been accused of fomenting unrest within Iran's borders:

- America (and, by extension, President Obama and the CIA)
- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
- the West
- "interfering" Gordon Brown and "most evil" Britain
- the EU
- Voice of America and the BBC
- "unknown vandals"
- "dirty Zionists" and the "Zionist media"
- the MKO
- Iranian dissidents (with CIA backing of course)
- And, yesterday, the Saudis and other US-allied Sunni Arab countries

So it's the grand old UN-US-EU-CNN-Zionist-Sunni Arab bloc oppressing poor innocent Iran. Oh, and the G8 too. No fair.

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