Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Avigdor Lieberman: worst Foreign Minister ever

In remarks that could scarcely be believed if reputable newspapers weren't reporting on them, Avigdor Lieberman today eschewed the Annapolis Peace Talks (okay, fine, understandable, it was a futile attempt anyway, but still...), the 2-state solution, and peace in general. From the Guardian:

Israel's new foreign minister dismayed the international community today with a rancorous analysis of the peace process and an announcement that the new government favours aggression rather than concessions to the Palestinians.

In his first speech since taking office, the rightwinger Avigdor Lieberman dismissed the last round of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, arguing that Israeli concessions made in a bid to secure peace had all been fruitless.

He refrained from his previous well-publicized Egypt-bashing, however, perhaps demonstrating that Netanyahu has a bit of a leash on his pit bull:

Lieberman was more amiable towards Egypt, which he described as an "important element in the Arab world". This is an improvement on a few weeks ago, when he said the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, could "go to hell".

A triumph for diplomacy and rationality!

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