Monday, February 2, 2009

UN: we won't take part in the upcoming massacres, we'll just help with logistics

The UN, rather understandably, punts on Congo. With the Rwandan army and Tutsi militia CNDP about ready to launch an all-out offensive to rout the Hutu genocidaires camping out in eastern Congo, the UN announces that it will restrict its role to planning. Why?

MONUC ... underscored that it will not participate in any transaction in which. Bosco Ntanganda, the leader of the mainly Tutsi National Congress in Defense of the People (CNDP) militia, will play a role at any level.

The fact is, there's not much the UN can do to stop this offensive, and it's going to be messy. UN planning might well help demobilize Hutu militias and rescue civilians. But still, it's a little cynical to assume you're morally off the hook if your guys aren't out there firing the guns.

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