Friday, February 20, 2009

the Great Game: reprise

The BBC has an interesting article on souring US-Afghan relations, and how the Karzai government might turn to Russia for material support, and how the US might support someone other than Hamid Karzai in the upcoming elections.

According to the article, a flashpoint in the feud was when Joe Biden stormed undiplomatically out of a meeting with Karzai. Later, Hillary Clinton, in her written Senate testimony, referred to Afghanistan as a "narco-state," to which the Afghans basically replied, "Look, just because half our economy is opium based... and just because no country in the history of the earth has ever produced more opium than we did in 2007... does NOT mean that we're a narco-state!"

As far as I'm concerned, if Russia wants this mess, they can have it.

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