Wednesday, October 1, 2008

more folks against the League of Democracies

Hurrah! Nina Hachiegen and Matthew Yglesias have joined the anti-movement. Hachiegen's takedown is excellent, pointing out how the League is a terrible idea for a host of reasons (no one wants to join because it will undermine the UN, it will unite non-democracies against us, the world's democracies are scarcely more united in foreign policy than the dictatorships, etc.). Yglesias adds a couple of reasons I've highlighted before, such as... who gets to join? Who WANTS to join?

And I'll add one more, one that dovetails with all of the above concerns: how does the LOD have legitimacy in the Arab World if Israel is the only member? Or in Africa when all its African members will be voting to protect their autocratic neighbors?

A final note: conservatives like John Bolton and Charles Krauthammer have been outfront that the purpose of the League would be the kill the UN. Bolton, however, has expressed doubts that the League is a plausible idea, not because he likes the UN, but because he's fully aware the most of the world's democracies (Europe, India, South Africa, Brazil, etc.) do.

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