Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How a bill becomes a lw, UN human rights style

1. The Human Rights Council asks Justice Richard Goldstone, a respected South African jurist, to write a report on human rights abuses by Operation Cast Lead.

2. Goldstone writes the report and submits it to the Human Rights Council. It says both Israel and Hamas violated international law. It calls on the Secretariat to give the report to the Security Council, and for the Security Council to force Israel and Hamas to investigate their conduct and to refer them to the ICC if they don't.

3. The Human Rights Council, after deliberations, passes a resolution calling on "all relevant bodies" including the General Assembly, the Security Council, and the Secretariat to undertake their duties.

4. The Security Council talks about the report for 6 hours and does nothing. The Secretariat pretends nothing has happened.

5. Tomorrow, the General Assembly will vote on a resolution telling the Secretariat to give the report to the Security Council. You know, the report everybody already has.

6. Once told by the GA, which it is somewhat subservient to, the Secretariat will actually give the report to the Security Council.

7. The Security Council will probably talk about the report for another 6 hours and do nothing.

8. The heinous, inhuman crimes of the extremist Hamas terrorist organization/Zionist Apartheid Aggressor Regime will go unpunished.

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