Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Colombo enters Pyongyang/Khartoum Territory

When your military starts accusing aid groups of harboring terrorists and trying to overthrow your regime, it's a good signal that you've badly jumped the shark. From AP:

Sri Lanka's military accused "a vicious coalition" of international aid groups Tuesday of harboring terrorists and seeking to prolong the island's civil war for economic gain. ...

Aid groups have accused the military of shelling "no-fire" zones set up to harbor the tens of thousands of civilians trapped by the fighting, a charge the military denies.

The military, in a statement on the Defense Ministry's Web site, said aid groups operating in Sri Lanka had "hoodwinked" the world and did not want the war to end "to secure their income through a continued bloodshed."

Accusing aid groups of evil is normally associated with the likes of North Korea and the Sudan. But Sri Lanka? Man, it's a long way down, my friends.

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