Monday, August 11, 2008

no one cares about Mauritania

So Mauritania had a coup. You'd figure the UN Security Council would have a reaction, right?

You'd figure wrong. And there are no bad guys here. Quite simply, no one raised it. No one felt it was necessary for the Council to weigh in. No one cared.

Why? Well, as previously expressed on this blog, I have my own theory: namely, that US media can only handle a certain number of African conflicts at a time. Like, about three of them.

The junta has certainly tried to make it politically convenient for the US not to raise an eyebrow, but that didn't stop the Bush Administration from whacking all non-humanitarian aid. So why they haven't gone to the Security Council, when virtually every country has already condemned the coup and no country has a strong reason for opposition, is beyond me.

Anyway, as long as people stop confusing Mauritania with Mauritius, I have to feel like we're making progress.

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