Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zimbabwe and the death of Responsibility To Protect (update 7)

The United States submitted a draft resolution on Zimbabwe to the Security Council on Friday, calling for sanctions against 12 individuals in the Mugabe regime. The South Africans, of course, strenuously objected, arguing that in negotiating a settlement between two parties, passing a resolution that condemns one of them exclusively is probably a bad way to do it. The Chinese and Russians, predictably, expressed disapproval at the sanctions resolution, though at this point we don't know whether they will abstain and let the resolution pass, or veto it. The vote could be as early as this evening. If not, probably tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, do we really think that a travel ban will stop Mugabe and his regime? Or that an asset freeze, when the targets know their names days in advance, will accomplish anything substantial? Ambassador At Large has his doubts, mostly because he has yet to see a sanctions resolution accomplish diddly-squat in his three years of reporting from the UN.

Meanwhile, if I haven't already posted this fantastic piece of information, the following are all real people who would be hit with targeted sanctions:

Didymus Mutasa
Augustine Chihuri
Constantine Chiwenga
and, my personal favorite...
Happyton Bonyongwe

No, really, those are their names. Don't you wish your name was Happyton Bonyongwe? I do. It would almost be worth the travel ban, just to have a name like that.

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