Monday, April 28, 2008

Enter the Kung Fu and Dragon

Meanwhile, anyone else read this BBC story?

It says that Pakistani peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo who were supposed to be disarming Congo's vicious militias were actually selling them guns and ammo in exchange for gold and ivory. Or so say two of the most notorious militia leaders, Kung Fu and Dragon. Well, the UN says it's bunk, that it's old news, the allegations already happened, the UN investigated and 90% of the allegations were unsubstantiated, and the 10% that actually happened, the people involved got fired. But that's not what got my attention.

No, what got my attention is that the militia leaders chose to name themselves Kung Fu and Dragon. I mean, seriously? I just feel like these guys are asking to be cast as villians in a Jason Statham or Jet Li movie, right? Never mind that this is Democratic Republic of Congo, where... I have this hunch... not a ton of people know kung fu.

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